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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Too Cool For School - Short Hair For Girls

Too Cool For School - Short Hair For Girls
Looking for cool tomboy hairstyles. These outstanding and sexy cuts guarantee to add elegance and femininity to your party looks! Choppy layered short hairstyles are fabulous short hairstyles which manage to stand out due to the cut of the hair. Choppy layers emphasise the hair's texture and create a certain messy yet fabulous look. 

The hair can easily be styled using a little bit of hair styling product applied on the ends to define the choppy layers. Play around with your styling and push the boundaries of what you would normally try? Well, even though you might think that they are a little bit edgier and rather masculine, in fact, cool tomboy hairstyles are indeed very sassy and classy.

Plus, an androgynous crop allows you to play around and try some chic and hip effects. There are a variety of cool short hairstyles for girls to choose from as the new hair cutting techniques developed allowed hairstylists to create gorgeous and powerful eye catching short hairstyles that suit women with a powerful personality. 

Short hairstyles look hot and offer women the style they need at a low maintenance level, but they are definitely not for everyone. Face shape and hair type play a determining role when it comes to short hairstyles as people have different face shapes and hair types.

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