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Friday, November 18, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Glamour Star

Sequins and Glamour 2011/12
For anyone who is searching for the hottest style trend in 2011/12, sequins are in vogue now. Rather than simply adding sparkle to a formal dress, increasingly more women are opting use sequins to make a daily fashion statement. This season, sequins aren’t limited to evening and party wear. A sequin dress is the epitome of glam.
Sequins are frequently seen on celebrities on the red carpet. If you are searching for a way to grab the spot light, glistening with sequins can be a great option. Metallic, gold, silver and shining outfits are one of the fashion trends in winter and spring 2011/12. The heavy glamorous look cover all from metallic to sequins so whether you’re into micro minis or elegant ball gowns, you will find the dress that perfectly matches your individual style.
Go for a glamorous view by choosing shiny sequins, satins and lames. One of the dominating trends were the pops of metallics making appearances all over the runways. Thakoon executed this impeccably, with shiny gold and silver striping dashed across brocade dresses and bright separates. Another standout was versace, easy breezy looks and fun evening shine?
We're all for this runway trend of mixing metallic— trends 70′s Seventies glamour were the masters on the catwalk. Great colour combinations, the holidays are a great time to sparkle, especially when it comes to your wardrobe, and what shows off your holiday spirit more than a bit of sequins?

A silver  sequin dress is a great look for a New Year's Eve party but try mixing up your pieces to keep your party looks fashion forward. Designers are crazy about metallic fabrics this season and are offering a variety of styles to keep your wardrobe shining. A pair of sequin dresses is an updated twist on the classic tuxedo while a beaded dress in a gorgeous jewel tone will stand out in a sea of silver and gold and black.
                                                   Here are some of our gorgeous glamorous dresses
Women's Black Gold Shimmer Bea Dress By Motel

Women's Black & Latte Gina Paisley Dress By Motel

Women's Black Odinho Dress By Vila
                                                                           Celebrities wearing their sequin dresses


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fetish: A Magical Power

When it comes to clothes, the mantra is black, black and more black, with lashings of leather and intricate corsetry lacing as well as a generous helping of PVC and even the odd bondage strap. Elements of fetish made themselves known in all the fashion cities, but is was the Paris designers who put S&M front and centre. From Louis Vuitton to Alexander McQueen to Emanuel Ungaro and Thierry Mugler it was a case of no nice girls allowed.
The most surprising thing is that so many designers have taken it so seriously. Its dirty, its leathery, and it plays peek-a-boo with thighs and torsos, and  there was a lot of it about at the shows.
Marc Jacobs topped and tailed the fetish  Autumn/Winter 2011 show season with fetishistic displays using Latex and strictly tailored ponyskin at his Marc Jacobs collection, and The Night Porter style peaked military caps, handcuff bangles and severe sheer at Vuitton. Alexander McQueen is the king of fashion when it comes to the bondage looks, hints of leather, patent leather, latex, straps and other fetish motifs and the top designers have all featured this Autumn/Winter trend in their ranges fetish.
It seems the fashion world is now turning on its heel with a whole host of fetish-inspired creations making an appearance on the catwalks. the-beaten-track and personal nature of it which of course what is all about and this is one of the easiest ways this winter to mark your individuality and stand out for your unique and personal fashion interpretation. From the very upper crust of fashion: Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger, etc; to the trendy cool kids from London; to the emerging fashion talent from the hottest catwalks of Latin America; fashion seems to have caught the fetish bug and it is really going for it.
The taboo, in many ways, is not so taboo anymore. Fashion has pushed the envelope and perusing the 2011 runways, it’s not hard to spot the bondage and fetish inspirations behind many of the clothes; making this yet another of the fashion trends.. Although its clothing we may not wear fully every day, you can pick parts out of the trend to mix with your everyday wear, black faux leather trousers and sky high heels worn with skinny jeans, blouses and a LBD will give you a more subtle look.
 Accessories can also give of a fetish hint to what would be a rather plain outfit, look for wide belts, officer’s caps and real sexiness lies in the art of suggestion – no need to bring the whip out of the bedroom.
                  Take a look at just some of our stunning black dresses and shoes for the fetish look!
Women's Black Lace Lexie Dress By Motel
Black Brighton Belle Heels By Poetic Licence
 Elsa Sweetheart Panel Dress By Motel

Women's Black Odinho Dress By Vila

Women's Black Zipper Gotham Boot
                                                      The Celebrities love their Fetish look