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Thursday, August 9, 2012

JUNK DE LUXE: Come as You Are….A/W 2012

JUNK DE LUXE: Come as You Are….

Inspired by the Beatnik movement of the 1950s Junk de Luxe was established in Denmark in 1986, with an approach to men’s clothing that is marked out by relaxed tailoring and vintage inspired designs.  The Junk de Luxe creation is a hybrid with its very own intelligible styleThomas Gundorph founded the Junk de Luxe and was the former one in Europe to trade in original used Levis from the United States. He re-fashioned and redesigned them with the other used items and traded them by the name Junk de Luxe throughout the fashion shops in Europe.

New takes on sailor striped jerseys, vintage knitwear designs like e.g. the boat neck jumper, redesigns of biker leather jackets and favourite items like the essential suit represent the core look signature of the Junk de Luxe collection. The philosophy is to design and constantly update old classics and new favourites. They bring you street fashion with a hint of directional “Ready-to-wear-designs” - and on top of that a touch of rock ’n’ roll. A mix of right and wrong, a hybrid reflecting contradictions of fashion. But always a strong identity appears in the Junk de Luxe Classics - design is made to support a man’s personality, not to dominate it.

Junk de Luxe is regarded as one of the prime and striving suppliers of pants in Scandinavia. Junk de Luxe provides all possible aspects within their designs and productions in line to produce the superb fit, excellent finish, and innovative, urbane details. Accompanied with a sensible price range on all pant designs.

Experimenting with different trendy styles and fashion, from the subcultures of the streets to the celebrity styles and trends.  Junk de Luxe collection of fashion fusions attracts the young free spirits who want to make their unique chic and style.

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