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Friday, March 16, 2012

Riller & Fount: An Uncomplicated Expression of Style

Riller & Fount: Spring 2012

If you Love J Brand,  then you’ll love Riller & Fount clothing, a new line created by one of the co-founders of J Brand. Super-soft fabrics and a rich, understated colour palette combine with chic lines to embody the ease and sophistication of the Riller & Fount philosophy.

Founded in 2007 and based in Los Angeles, Riller & Fount has been worn by celebrities and featured by fashion stylists and editors all of whom prefer fabric that is not peach taffeta. It was this philosophy, set against the backdrop of her native San Antonio, Texas, that was the impetus for Marlena Ruiz’s career as a designer. “Growing up in Texas, the clothes did the talking for you,” she explains. “For me, it was about having a voice, expressing myself—and it takes a lot of energy to be heard over several miles of peach taffeta, particularly when it’s teamed up with a pair of matching sandals.”

This desire for an uncomplicated expression of personal style is reflected in the relaxed versatility of each Riller & Fount piece. Effortless accessorizing, layering, and day-to-evening transitions are made simple with Ruiz’s modern yet timeless designs, ensuring each woman who wears them her own unique voice.

Riller & Fount has been worn by celebrities and featured by fashion stylists and editors all of whom prefer fabric that is not peach taffeta. Riller & Fount clothing is all about jersey dresses and tunics. These modern basics will become instant staples in your closet. Riller & Fount clothing masters two things: Simple silhouettes and neutral colors that will take you from one season to the next.

Halle Berry, Rachel Bilson and Kristen Cavallari are all fans of the cool and casual Riller & Fount dress...

Riller & Fount coming to Love Clothing soon...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Criminal Damage: Style for Street and Stage...

Criminal Damage 2012

These guys have been going strong since 1991 from East London producing great garments for the stage and street. Straight from the hip streets of East London - Criminal Damage  taps into every trend, and then gives it its own unique touch to create something new and fresh. From dark and macabre, to bright and bold – all over prints and loud graphics to plain, understated and classic.

They have gone from strength to strength creating designs that complete a range of styles with ease. The designs featured in the Criminal Damage clothing range offer a diverse selection of colours that caters to every mood, giving everyone the chance to experiment with their image. One of their more popular selections is their range of Criminal Damage jeans due to the diverse range of designs, colours and sizes that both genders can enjoy.

 Criminal Damage clothing is constantly increasing in popularity and is fast becoming one of today’s most popular brands. Working under minimal constraints, they let their designers have fun and do their own thing, with powerful eye-catching results. Just as at home on the stage as on the streets, those with a love for music have seen Criminal Damage become the favoured stage wear for many bands worldwide - something they look to wholeheartedly to promote going forward as they expand our portfolio of supported acts.

With their extensive collection of items, there is bound to be something for every chick that comes across this range. From their dresses, skirts and playsuits to the popular hoodies, jeans and tops, Criminal Damage have literally got it all, which set the women’s Criminal Damage clothing range apart, from the fashion industry and has allowed them to make their mark, loud and clear.

The men’s Criminal Damage clothing have established themselves as one of the biggest clothes brands on the alternative scene, creating unique, fashionable ranges to cover all aspects of style and design. Featuring t shirts, hoodies, jackets, skinny jeans and a huge collection of other items, they are more than capable of supplying your whole outfit. And you can be guaranteed you’ll receive nothing but quality, so see men’s Criminal Damage clothing more as an investment than a simple purchase.

Some of our new in Criminal Damage clothing at Love Clothes.....

Criminal Damage Shotgun Polo Tee Navy

Criminal Damage Fame Cardigan Navy Marl

Criminal Damage Musket Gillet Black

Criminal Damage Skinny Hoodie Charcoal

Criminal Damage White Burgundy

Criminal Damage Warley Jacket Navy

Men's Stone Oxon Cord Shirt By Criminal Damage

Women's Red Skinny Jeans By Criminal Damage

Women's Black Vineyard Vest By Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage Oversized Hoodie Coral

From Street to Stage...