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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Mods

Ben Sherman - Clean, Crisp  Men's Style

Ben Sherman clothing has long been associated with clean, crisp men’s style – and the British brand’s spring/summer 2012 collection is no different.

The company was set up in the 60s and, as a result, elements of classic mod styling have always been retained in its designs. And, as we’ve come to expect over the years, plaid features prominently in the Brighton-based firm’s new collection. The styles in the Ben Sherman look book make heavy use of chino cloth, which has seen a rise in popularity in recent years to rival denim at the top of the men’s fashion tree. For when the sun comes out, Ben Sherman’s early 2012 collection came with an assortment of stylish shorts. Like last year, tailored shorts will feature prominently, allowing any stylish man to smarten up his casual summer wear.
For those who like to push fashion boundaries, the new line also features patterned shorts. Although they can verge on the over-colourful side of things, patterned shorts work brilliantly with simple, block colour Ben Sherman shirts.

The mod gentleman label Ben Sherman are back with a new Spring look book for 12. The collection contains all you could ever really want for Spring with slim fit chinos in colours such as tan, and pastel blues, double breasted trench coats in navies, as well as colourful button up shirts to go under the structured blazers in the collection.  It was in the 1960s when this style of jacket gained its nickname: Actor Ryan O’Neal  regularly wore the jacket in soap opera ‘Peyton Place’ – the name of his character; Rodney Harrington.

In the 1960s the jacket became fashionable in the UK among mods and skinheads, who often wore the Harrington with Fred Perry or Ben Sherman shirts. Other notable labels turning out Harrington Jackets include; Fred Perry, Merc London, Ben Sherman and Lonsdale.

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen all wore Harrington Jackets and in 2007 Baracuta released three special edition G9 jackets, with quotes from each star embroidered on the lining.

Here is something the team from Ben Sherman had to say.
“Moving on from AU11′s theme of an Englishman in New York, our SS12 collection has been inspired by the journey from Brighton to Tokyo. Combining classic British design with Japanese sensibility for style and innovation, we’ve produced a collection that fuses east and west to see wardrobe favourites reworked and restyled in original and unexpected fabrications.”
The Ben Sherman Team

The Mod look from Love Clothing

Ben Sherman Clerkenwell Collar Long Sleeve Check Shirt Flame 

 Ben Sherman Grafter Hooded Long Sleeved Mac

Ben Sherman Romford Polo Light Marine  

Ben Sherman Long sleeve Wiltshire Check Shirt Soft Mint  

Ben Sherman Multi Check Shirt Green & Blue 

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Great Escape: Sinstar....

Sinstar 2012

A rock and roll lifestyle cannot live without a proper well-designed t-shirt with a deeper meaning to express your rock and roll attitude, Sinstar, a group of talents who absorb every possible element of rock and roll culture, including music, symbols, colours, and the methods of expressing these elements in a whole by using clothing designs as their weapon to rebel from what we call fashion trends, in order to embrace and spread the greater attitude of rock and roll worldwide. 

UK fashion label Sinstar has a new SS 2012 Collection out called ‘The Escape’ featuring several punk-inspired styles. As expected, they’ve brought their usual array of bold neon tees, but they’ve added in a few extra looks as well. Acid-washed jeans contribute to the rock n’ roll look, and they’ve brought snapbacks, leather jackets and knitwear chinos as well. 

Sinstar has done an amazing job in their Autumn/Winter collection with their signature bold oversized letters, colour contrast and the iconic graphical prints, the skeleton war army solider range and the peaceful yellow floral fields, and so on. With a brand like Sinstar, their entire range of clothes are designed to give you a unique look with a range of t-shirts, vests, dresses and jersey’s that all rock an awesome punk styled graphic. 

Sinstar’s graphic design can be difficult to find else where, their eye-catching and provocative clothing brand are taking huge strides forward in delivering the most authentic punk/rock styled clothing on the market. So we ask ourselves what could have come next for the eye-catching and provocative clothing brand? Well, it comes in the form of their brand new ‘Snapback’ hats, that are the latest instalment in their hotly anticipated release of new products.

Sinstar coming to Love Clothing soon....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FOUNT: A Contemporary Label

Fount 2012

1. a source of a desirable quality or commodity
2. source or origin
3. literacy a spring or fountain

Every aspect and product in our life has its own source and origin. Each element serves its own purpose, and is unique to an individual. Appreciated with a different sentimental value and memory.
Fount is a contemporary womenswear label, adopting a sleek, modern approach to design.
Delicately designed pieces composed of elements drawn from various sources; they pay close attention to the fine details, perfecting the building blocks of our everyday commodity.

Garments which can be expressed with a sense of chic elegance and purity, whilst maintaining a balance of timelessness and modernism, constructing "effortless looks" eclectic to you.
Fount collections are principally inspired by interior designs, lifestyle shapes and forms. Assigned with pragmatic
pricing, we aim to deliver high-end trends to the mainstream public.

Fount clothing  at Love Clothing...

Fount Gathered Panel Jersey Top Navy New 

Fount Cybill Dress With Pleated Panels Navy New  

Fount Pleated Front Paige Dress Navy New 

Fount Soft Crepe Safari Jacket With Gold Metal Belt Beige New  

Fount Bead Collar Shirt Black New  

Fount Animal Print Sleeveless Dress Black 

Fount Asymmetric Summer Dress With Prints Blue New