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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ahoy There Sailor……

The Nautical Trend 2012….

Like the waves in the ocean we know the tides of fashion come and go each season. For those of us who spend our summers near the ocean, the nautical look is a staple in our summer wardrobe. Nautical trends are making new waves for the spring and summer 2012.

 Go on board; with a classic striped royal blue dress with anchors and shiny buttons, team it with gold accessories, red heels, red leather handbag and make sure you don’t miss the boat. The Nautical look, inspired by crisp uniforms traditionally worn incorporates navy and white to create a cool, casual summer. It’s casual and comfortable but undeniably classy.

During the “Golden Age of Hollywood” the “naughty nautical” look was portrayed in countless celebrity publicity photos. The look soon hit the catwalks and served as inspiration for designers such as Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren. “Nautical Chic” is no new trend. It is a fashion style staple that continues to reinvent itself and stand the test of time. The nautical trend is always one of the most inspirational looks for the summer season. It reminds us of the bright blue skies, crystal waters and beautiful boats.

The nautical trend gives us a crisp and clean feel. The red, white and blue colours mixed with gold’s and stripes definitely give such a gorgeous combination that will make you want to sail away on a yacht. However, you can also use other colours or patterns. It will also give you a new twist to the nautical theme. Bright greens and deeper yellows and floral patterns can give a whole new dimension to the trend.

This spring, it seems like everyone - from celebrities to college students - is sporting white and navy blue nautical stripes. Magazines, stores, and even Pinterest boards are full of fun ways to incorporate this sea-inspired style. This preppy look isn't a particularly new idea, but it's definitely "in" right now.

So even if your summer plans don't include relaxing on a boat, you can take advantage of the stylish nautical trend! The "nautical" look, inspired by the crisp uniforms traditionally worn by sailors, incorporates navy and white to create a cool, casual summer look. It's casual and comfortable, but undeniably classy.

Some of our great Nautical Looks from Love Clothing
Irregular Choice Patty Fabric Blue Stripe

Motel Rocks Julia Dress Red Blue & White
Timeless Espadrille Navy

The Navy Sandy Dress
Women's Red Sailor Dress

                                                            Celebrities in the Nautical Look...

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Jubilee: Fit for a Queen….

The Regal Look..

Whether celebrating the Jubilee in sunshine or down pours get an outfit is perfect! So we have put together a collection for the Jubilee.  Red white and blue flow through the hourglass shape and layers. For some, 2012 is all about the Olympics. For others, the Queen'sjubilee reigns supreme. But which event will influence your wardrobe the most? Red, white, and blue, a positively patriotic combination, feels fresh for spring on sexy sundresses, tweed jackets and sky-high sandals.

Are you attending the Queens Diamond Jubilee, well maybe not, but you’re probably going to a street party as it is a bank holiday (A FOUR day weekend Yipeeeeee) Fact is, these are some patriotic shoes you will want in your life.. It was for the shoe company Irregular choice. So be the Queen of your own party and treat yourself to the shoe of the moment. This summer two formidable contenders are going head to head in a battle to define your summer. 

The Prada show introduced a new generation of fashionistas to the concept of the "suite" of jewellery – matching earrings and necklace – which has long been a feature of every properly dressed princess's look. One of the most influential spring fashion collections, by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, was a pastel-toned celebration of princess-chic: lots of demure daywear in broderie anglaise, worn with neat court shoes and either tiaras or slender diamond-studded hairbands nestled into chic up-dos.

Smart daywear is the Queen's signature look, of course: she is more recognisable in a matching jacket, skirt and hat than she is in the crown jewels.

Every British summer needs a headline act – a moment or song or performance that permeates the nation's consciousness in the way that only completely inconsequential news can. This summer two formidable contenders are going head to head in a battle to define your summer. The jubilee or the Olympics: which side are you on?

Here is our Fit For a Queen Look at Love Clothing...

Big Metal Larait Style Leaf Necklace Silver
Big Metal Large Flower Petal Ring Pink

Irregular Choice Patty Navy Red White

Irregular Choice Patty Fabric Blue Stripe

Vero Moda Frutella SL Trend Dress Ivory Cream
Motel Rocks Ginetta Dress Navy

Celebrities rocking the Red, White and Blue look....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Call of the Wild

The Tribal Look 2012

Spring /summer 2012 one of the key trends this season, which has followed through from the past few seasons, is the AfricanTribal trend. Although it’s nothing we have not seen before, the designers are focusing a lot more on jewelled hues and the vivid prints and patterns.

Geometric designs in a colour palette of desert hues added a tribal element to Proenza Schouler's otherwise nostalgic collection dazzled us into an abstract journey full of modern tribalism. Past September 2011, designers not only took inspiration from Africa, but also found something that could connect & relate with their ethnic concept for spring summer 2012.

Sarah Burton used a touch of tribal across her smart and sober olive green and black jackets in her romantic utility-inspired collection for Alexander McQueen. Brown and black animal print belts cinched the waists, the jackets themselves decorated with over-sized pockets in ethnic patterns, edged with lines of cowry shells, instantly taking the city to the Souks in a bold, yet wearable, way.

Christopher Bailey took Burberry's heritage traditions to Ghana: the bright prints of purple and orange geometrics, sat on speckled blues and greens that featured in his dresses and shirts were inspired by the country's traditional wax print technique. A few feet below, the shoes followed suit; high platform heels were adorned with a few rows of bright beads, like a tribal necklace for the ankle.

With it's continued presence on the high street, as well as on the backs of celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and J-Lo, tribal is here to stay, albeit with some refreshing twists if Resort 2012 has anything to do with it. Michael Kors, Thakoon and Missoni all dipped into tribal, too. Lam put Bhutan front and centre with woven belts and embroidered skirts and brought Thailand home with him for a scarf-print halter dress.

But Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci took it all a step further. He gave dazzling florals an ethnic spin, edging the bright red Hawaiian print on a green military-style dress with tribal embroidery and splaying white petal patterns around the top of a fitted black dress like tribal tooth necklace.

Some of our Tribal Looks at Love Clothing...

Motel Rocks Leopard Face Zoe Dress Black

Women's Black Snakeskin Rabbit Ankle Boots

Women's Brown Famous Tassel Heel By Chinese Laundry

Women's Leopard Fiore 24 Animal Dress By Vero Moda

Celebrities in the Tribal Fashion...