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Friday, September 7, 2012

Abandon Ship: Inspired by Many Things....

Abandon Ship: Inspired by Many Things....

Abandon Ship Apparel started with just 3 designs in March 2011. A East Glasgow based brand formed in the first half of 2011 this brand has quickly got a name for itself thanks to clean, eye catching designs and a carefree lifestyle brand image. Currently selling online and available in numerous stores across the country, this brand has gone from strength to strength in the short period of time since its conception. With bigger things to come this is very much a brand on the rise. Abandon Ship Apparel started with just 3 designs and put out the images of the t-shirts and the brand name across social networks, especially Facebook and Tumblr and used them to guide in the customers.

Their designs were a bit different from what a lot of brands at that level were doing, they were very clean and low on branding, meaning that people from numerous backgrounds could pick them up without buying too much into anything. Design-wise they just kept adding to their catalogue, chopping and changing the t-shirts we sold depending on popularity and season

They also spent a great deal of time getting the shape and detailing of the t-shirt right, right down to the printing processes they used.The brand is inspired by many things. Iconic imagery, pop culture and generally just things they think are cool. A lot of their ideas come together when they are having a drink! With their combination of nautical and tattoo inspired prints, they are showing us all exactly what's been missing from the t-shirt world.

Abandon Ship really are excellent and with massive plans for 2012, they could soon go from big to massive in a very short space of time. The brand will be appearing at some of the biggest music festivals this year and will be releasing a slew of new products. 

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