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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Iron Fist:: Put your Party Shoes On!

Iron Fist is by no means an ordinary brand…..

Iron Fist is by no means an ordinary brand, refusing to be pigeon holed in to a particular genre; the brand has grown from strength to strength, purely because of its diversity and constantly innovative approach to each season. Known for their edgy and raw designs and the latest styles to hit the shelves at love clothing are certainly no exception.

 IronFists art and styling has set it apart from many of its street counterparts. Outbursts of distinctive designs can be found throughout the range with phenomenal artwork, and unique designs; it is described as bold, impulsive, raw and unapologetic. Within their fire you can find a selection of colours mixed with raw and dirty inspired street art. Iron Fist is a large part of the skate punk and hip-hop genre.

Iron Fist is constantly growing because of its diversity and constantly innovative approach to each season. Known for quality, with exceptional graphics for some of world's best metro and street artists. Iron Fist is not for everyone, and they like it that way.  Devised by two friends in San Diego in 2001, the idea was to create a clothing and footwear brand for men and women that they could not find anywhere else, taking inspiration from an array of talented artists. 

 The collection includes apparel, footwear and accessories, satisfying all tastes, from sophisticated classic, right through to more daring stand out from the crowd style. Chosen as a favourite brand by many celebrities, Iron Fist is fashion stylists dream, it can be mixed and matched to suit the true style icons as well as the toned down for the less bold!

Bursting with colourful tattoo inspired artwork, the latest models will have you standing out from the crowd with pumps and peep-toe shoes that are truly unique. Here is a look at some of the new styles and our full Iron Fist selection can be found here. Create its own style. Enjoy!

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Iron Fist  shoes at Love Clothing 

 Iron Fist Filthy Landlubber Platform Wedge Tan & Blue

 Iron Fist Jacked Up Platform Blue
 Iron Fist Lovelace Platform Shoe Nude

 ron Fist Sugar Hiccup Platform Hot Pink

Friday, March 30, 2012

Freshly Out of Their Box: Boxfresh 2012

Boxfresh 2012
Welcome to Boxfresh, a very British way of life that spans the last two decades of youth culture. In 1989 a lot of very culturally significant stuff was going on around the world. Boxfresh owes its name to a slang expression of the hip-hop community of New York, which refers to a pair of new shoes "freshly out of their box".

 Boxfresh shoes were created in 1989; by Roger Wade at  a time when dance music and hip-hop were the two most important British musical influences and gave rise to the birth of street wear. 

 And in 1989 a lot of very culturally significant stuff was going on around the world. In England, teenagers waited eagerly in motorway service stations for directions to fields in the middle of nowhere. Fields of dreams immortalised in the memory of the UK dance scene. Boxfresh was born out of this…a hedonistic generation evolving through acid jazz, trip hop, drum and bass into UK garage, grime and dub step. 

 Trends and people may have come and gone…but their ethos has never changed. Twenty years later, brought by a team of talented experts, the Boxfresh brand continues to innovate their passions: music and art. 

In 2011, Boxfresh was the fashion sponsor for the NME Awards and partner of their national tour, alongside groups Magnetic Man, Crystal Castles and Everything. Boxfresh proudly represents the last two decades of young culture, with a very British style. 

Boxfresh 2012

 For 2012, the men’s footwear adds to the collection by employing rich nubucks and tumbled leathers. Waxed canvases and scratch leather have been combined with new textile linings and fine metal to create a new range, of outdoor fashion boots, classic Chelsea’s, casual wallabies and retro vulcanised pumps.

Boxfresh Shoes now at Love Clothing....

 Boxfresh Dalston Canvas Waxed Pumps

 Boxfresh Helm Dark Brown

 Boxfresh Sparko Nylon Navy & Orange

 Boxfresh Swich Canvas Light Grey

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: For all Ages….

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes 2012
After ten years in the industry, the Jeffrey Campbell quality remains the same! With its headquarters based in sunny LA the intimate family team is dedicated to bring you the best styles season after season and at competitive prices. 2000 saw Jeffery Campbell working hard in his garage to produce a brand we now have come to know and love. 

With his small team, Jeffery Campbell continues to woo fashionistas near and far, reworking vintage concepts, traditional runway looks and continuously thinking out the box which may be why his ballet flats and boots remains amongst his client’s favourites. 

 Maybe the reason why Jeffery Campbell has seen so much success in such little time is because he reaches a wide demographic, catering for all ages, clients and shoppers - all of course while maintaining fashionable, trendy and most importantly comfortable and good value for money.

 For those who avidly follow fashion and seasonal trends, there is an extreme emphasis on colour for S/S 2012, whether it is pastels or neon brights. However, despite the fact that colour is sweeping the fashion nation, this seems to have overshadowed yet another significant trend that is slowly beginning its domination of the blogosphere and fashion scene as well. 

At J.C  they have also been playing on these ideas as well Tan, beige and light brown tones have been predominantly in their favour and J.C has taken the “nude” trend to the extreme with many of their styles, but more so the “Stinger” and “Suspect” platforms. The detailing on the ankles and front of the foot of both shoes are clear, thus showing the skin which shows a different and more literal twist to the trend.

Celebs who love Jeffery Campbell.... 

Jeffrey Campbell coming to Love Clothing SOON!