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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sheer Heaven....

Sheer to wear this summer

It's the trend that dared to bare and won. Sheer fashion remains a statement to make in spring / summer 2012, and our guide takes you through all the looks, from the subtle to the sexual, from the monochromatic to the colourful. In a short few years sheer clothing has transformed itself from a seasonal accent into an ever green fashion trend. It started off as a statement that, with its chest-baring qualities,
was only to be found on the catwalks. No more. 

Now chests are bared, shoulders highlighted and legs made to look longer. In fact, from the sexual to the subtle, sheer elements now can be found highlighting and accenting every desirable part of a woman’s figure.
But how has it changed for spring 2012, how will it be carried into autumn / winter  2012 and how, most importantly, can you work it into your own wardrobe? 

Sit through enough catwalks and you’ll have a mental list of all the fashion trends and their stylings that are improbabilities when it comes to wearing them on the street. Improbabilities, that is, for the majority. There’ll always be those few people with confidence in droves who really don’t care enough what others think of them to let it alter the way they style themselves. These people are few and far between and their tastes see them wear everything from the statement to sheer. 

As a statement look the question really isn’t whether to wear sheer clothing or not, it’s how to wear it. Some will argue with that and it’s likely that such people will be imaging the breast-baring, sheer fashion of the catwalks – but remember that it doesn’t have to be worn that way. Sheer fashion is about showing something off. Sometimes it’s a sheer fabric layered over a nice cloth, but more often then not sheer is about showing off skin. Like all things in fashion, that means when you’re wearing sheer don’t do it to shock but to flatter – wear sheer to show off a great asset.

If you’ve got great arms that could mean sheer sleeves. A great midriff? There’s sheer for that. From plunging necklines to backless dresses there’s a sheer interpretation of it, thus no reason not to be wearing the statement this year as long as you have something worth showing off. Once you’ve decided what to hide and what to reveal, you can theme your pieces accordingly.

Glamorous Sleeveless Blouse Yellow 

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Celebrities wearing Sheer!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking The Short Cut.....

 The Shorts Trend 2012
Nothings says summer like a pair of shorts. Our favourite summer staple is back with a bang - shorts were seen on all the best dressed pins, and the A-list are loving them too. 

Get in on the act in so-right-now Looking for an alternative to the little black dress for a fresh summer look? Denim shorts are a smart wear and are  dedicated firmly to languid summer Saturdays. Office looks need not apply because we're in a short shorts state of mind. The style set are wearing their cut-offs embellished, black, floral and classic and pairing it with blouses that are both boho and tailored and tees that are printed or bold. Take notes from festival girls Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and urban ladies, Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Zoe Saldana, for your short cut to chic. 

Shorts work well teamed with a blazer and heels, and for daytime, dress down with a T-shirt, cardi and pumps or boots. No matter what shape short you go with, the freshest way to wear shorts this season is with tops that hit at the hip – whether wearing them for a polished work look or a sexy night out. The new breed of shorts looks nothing like the ones you wore in grade school which are flattering to most body types. the sun is coming and with it comes the official start of summer. The perfect piece to welcome the new season? Nothing says summer—or America—quite like a pair of jean shorts

Ever since Daisy Duke debuted her now eponymous form-fitting cut-offs, denim shorts have been an indispensable staple; it's no wonder these blue jean babies get reinvented year after year.  Brit beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley donned a pair of studded denim shorts for a casually dressed-down—yet still incredibly sexy—look that couldn't be more on trend. 

Love it or hate denim shorts with tights is a street style here to stay. Just because spring has arrived doesn't mean you have to store all of your winter clothes away or in this case bring out your summer clothesl. Denim shorts is one street style trend that is becoming more popular in New York City, LA and London. Pair it with casual flats, booties or like Rihanna a pair of pumps may do the trick. See below for our street style trend of denim with shorts. 

Shorts were seen on all the best dressed pins and the A-list are loving them too. Get in on the act in so-right-now.

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Celebs love their shorts....