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Saturday, June 2, 2012

In the Swim….

Swimwear 2012

Since summer is already around the corner with the sultry sun and thick air, it is the right time for hitting the swimming pool or beaches to cool down and get the energy for the rest of the day: you have got plenty of options available- roof top pools, spas, cottage dock lounging. So, you will basically spend the entire summer lounging in the water, which means you need to renew your swimwear for the coming season.

With spring / summer burgeoning for many a fashioniser, we’re all eager to hit the beach. But whether you’re soaking up the sun in Majorca or on the Venice Lido, the most important decision won’t be the SPF of your sun tan lotion, but which swimwear pieces you’ll be wearing. Take a look at the ‘in’ styles and the ‘out’ styles of swimwear, helping you choose the piece of swimwear that is perfectly inline with 2011's and 2012 fashion line.

Swimwear trends don’t move in quite the same cycles as other fashion trends. That’s because it’s hard to reinvent the bikini or the monokini: in the need to balance functionality and sex appeal, designers are limited to what they can actually do. Despite this, one piece and bikini trends are certainly still influenced by other fashion trends. 

So what swimsuit trends can we expect for 2011 and into 2012? You’d be right if you guessed swimsuit styles influenced by other key fashion trends for the year. There was plenty of Swim Fashion Week 2012 just wrapped in Miami, and even though these bikinis won't be available until next season, there was plenty of sexy swim-spiration. High-waisted two-pieces, cut-outs, metallics, scarf-like prints and sheer cover-ups in animal motifs were all big trends—so start planning your mid-winter vacation now.

Here is some our swimwear at Love Clothing

 Iron Fist Society Suicide Bandeau Bikini 

 Iron Fist Gold Star String Bikini Black

Iron Fist Gold Digger Bandeau Bikini Black

Celebrities in their swimwear!….

Friday, June 1, 2012

Country Casual: A Relaxed Look....

Country Casual 2012

With the amazingly coloured Spring/Summer 2012 campaigns, efforts in delivering a mix of nostalgic vintage tones and sun bleached modern urban men’s look for their young and upbeating target audience. , By absorbing the merit of the high end and ready to wear fashion crafting in sourcing high quality fabrics and distinguishing interesting themed designs, the same time providing a great adequate consistent ranges for end consumers to experience the uplifting and quality lifestyle.

Relaxed fit for men is, of course, nothing new. Loose layering, drop crotches and baggy jeans have been with us for some time now. But a line has to be drawn in the sand. The relaxed cuts of past years are distinctly different from the relaxed tailoring we’re about the encounter. One could rightly argue that this new men’s trends evolves from the old, but they are certainly not one in the same.

Transitional, mix and match, and effortless in a competitive relaxed structure could conclude the whole Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection, especially the sun-bleached colour theme has created the outgoing and socialising experience for consumers who are looking for the similar understanding in choosing appeals to wear to fit their own personality. The slightly faded colour in each garment perfectly fit the Spring/Summer theme in the whole to enrich the experience of being Reiss in making iconic chic and design led modern looks, combined with the relaxed structured in lifting the conventional tailoring to fit the modern days to fit young male and young professional target audiences. 

Men’s fashion simply doesn’t move so fast that one can peg these forthcoming emergence of relaxed tailoring to a sole season, nor even a year, and while we already know we’ll see it amongst spring 2012′s fashions it’s highly likely that we’ll also see this interpretation of men’s fashion feature amongst throughout all of  2012.2

If relaxed and oversized shoulders are the hallmark of the emerging relaxed tailoring trend, then loose cut trousers / pants follow a close second. At the outset they may feel like an easy way to interpret the trend, but don’t be deceived: they’re the element that is easiest to get wrong.

For this part of the look what you’re looking for are those relaxed, oversized and generally loose interpretations of men’s trousers which are tailored. After all, this trend may lack formality but it certainly isn’t so casual that it is streetwear. Tailoring is key to the whole look.

Some of our Country Casual Looks at Love Clothing.....

Men's Camel Jon Spencer Knit 

Large Brown Leather Satchel By Oxford Bag Company

Cheap Monday Slim Chino Sheepskin

Pepe Jeans London Hemming Shorts Ocean

Run & Fly Quilted Jacket Brown

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's The Animal In You..

The Animal Print Trend 2012

You may want to rekindle your love affair with the animal print trend 2012, because some designers still continue to use leopard print, but have at least taken it bait further and added a variety of colours with print becoming smaller and more delicate. It's appealing  style carries on year after year, and it is still used in all seasons collections.

Strong  animal prints play well off bold striking accessories and the most popular pieces for the summer are snake skin, leopard and zebra. To pull off these graphic and visually interesting pieces choose bold plain jewellery, handbags and shoes that don’t drag down and be a suffer from the competition of what you’re wearing.  

Believe it or not the key to wearing clothes with animal print lies in our personalities. If you tend to dress simple without attracting attention, opt for subtle pieces that have animal print like a handbag, flats, animal print bangles, etc.
Stick to earthy, neutral hues - white, black, various shades of brown and khaki, beige as well as camel are perfect colours to match any animal print.

Animal prints on clothes are daring enough so keep it simple, it is sexy enough don't pair them with red or pink shoes. Multi-coloured shoes and animal prints don't match unless you want to create a punk outfit. 
This’s season has witnessed a lot of fantastic animal print clothes on the runway. The animal prints are speaking loud and proud on various runway stages. In its application in the dress, the leopard print dress expresses a kind of ultra-glam air to all sophisticated women.
As the fashion trend setters, the celebrities have already practiced the wearing of animal print clothes. And they prove to be fashionable. Fergie looked much more youthful in a big-prints dress. Wearing a traditional animal print dress with a refreshing colour.

Here are some of our Animal trend at Love Clothing

Women's Black & Leopard Print Roller Platforms

Women's Leopard Print Open June Heels

Women's Leopard Fiore 2/4 Animal Dress By Vero Moda

Celebrities rocking the animal print trend....