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Friday, August 31, 2012

School Girl Chic....

School Girl Chic....

Going beyond the Clueless cliches for fall 2012, school girl fashion channels everything from innocent peter pan collars to retro rockabilly rebellion. But it doesn't have to be one or the other: when the weather gets chilly school-inspired fashion mixes it up.

We are approaching School. And the fashion trend reveals its updates for the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 fashion season, bringing trendbook, which features back to school styles. With models looking hot wearing rocking 1990's style inspired grunge ensembles, sporting denim looks, preppy oxfords, snakeskin sneakers, animal printed looks, lace up boots and amazing studded backpack

What Mad Men's Sally Draper might wear her senior year: scholarly oxford collars, checkered skirts, and high-heeled loafers with attitude aplenty. If schoolgirl-as-fashion gives you flashbacks of Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless in a tartan micro-mini and knee high socks. The upcoming autumn / winter season finds new ways to be inspired by schoolyard dressing that go beyond the usual cliches.

There’s no real limit to how you can inject a little bit of schoolgirl innocence – or mischievousness – into an outfit come A/W. But here are some of the elements that can kickstart a look, and ones you can easily mix into your wardrobe.  Then there’s the Gossip Girl generation. Again, boldly preppy is another vision of schoolyard chic but one that’s been explored thoroughly in recent years. School girl fashion bringing in an 80s edginess, mixing softness of prints with shiny and vibrant colours and textures  But away from the short skirts and socks there were plenty of outfits that were more to the elegant side, taking as rebellious school girl to the school dance after dark. And speaking of school dances

Swathed in sparkling costume jewels and bubblegum colours, they were senior students dressing as ladies but acting like girls.A varsity jacket and skinny cigarette pants can channel the rebelliousness of the rockabilly 50s, or the clean, modern and androgynous lines of the now. In 2012 the mix of inspirations is a huge one, and you don’t have to stick to replicating just one era – or one type of girl.
Since you don’t want to actually be mistaken for a schoolgirl skipping class, mix in some leather, statement jewellery, prints or vibrant colour to boldly differentiate.

The School Girl look at Love Clothing..

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Fount Riding Jacket in Wool in Navy

Vero Moda Lola Short Skirt with belt Grey Blue

Women's Navy Sailor Dress

                                                                                Celebrities in the Schoolgirl look!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ever Changing, Ever Developing: Fly A/W 2012

FLY LONDON “Ever changing, ever developing” 

FLY London strives to attain modern, eclectic, but timeless style, not strongly linked to a particular season or trend. As “following fashion” takes on a light of superficiality, the influence is more on an individual research of details from different sources creating a stronger identity. in their A/W 2012 campaign

Fly London is a brand that originates in the funky backstreets of London They exhibit much of that cool, urban, sophistication for which England's capital city is known throughout the world. There are so many different styles of shoes within the Fly London collection that we are sure that even the fussiest of dressers will find something they like. The eclectic design was kicked off by a British guy called Perry King.

Perry was a talented designer who hooked up with the factory and the then head of Base London Shoes. Hence the connection between the two companies in the very early days and the common suffix 'London'. Fly Shoes augmented this initial capsule collection with a small range of formal shoes and boots each time taking great care NOT to follow and form of standard development and not adapting lasts and design tricks that were already present in the market. Targeted at the young fashion market, each new FLY London collection stamps its own ID on a great variety of styles, colours and materials, creating a unique personality. This brand places an emphasis on fashion, and is best expressed in their motto, 'Why Walk When You Can Fly'. 

Targeted at the young fashion market, each new FLY London collection stamps its own ID on a great variety of styles, colours and materials, creating a unique personality. FLY London’s continuing aim is to create a global fashion brand available in leading fashion outlets worldwide. They are so comfortable, extremely appealing and they will certainly turn heads on the high street - or at least make people nod, as they look to your feet, to your face, and back to your feet.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Have You Seen Pepe?

Pepe Jeans London Fall/Winter 2012-2013  Have You Seen Pepe? 

The people at Pepe have hidden looks from our new collection at different locations around London, if you find them you get to keep them.

With the advent of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, the Pepe Jeans guys are again wondering “Where’s Pepe?”. If last spring you looked for him among the grey and decadent streets of the old London, this autumn/winter you’ll find it in well-known places like London,  London Bridge and around Big Ben and the London Eye. 

The models walking on Soho roads are all socialites and emergents talents of English avangarde as Claude Simonon, The Clash bassist son, the model Edie Campbell and the actress Suki Waterhouse. The cold of London contrasts with the warm colours that dominate the collection; browns, reds, and beige combine with blacks, army greens, and leather. With reminiscences of the Mancunian and Mod culture of the 60s, each of these pieces allows us to relive the ‘Made in England’ subculture, when British youth cruised the streets of England on their Lambrettas and Vespas to the sound of Joy Division and The Who. 

Straight-cut and drainpipe jeans combined with leather jackets and fur coats lengthen and enhance the sinuous shape of today’s woman, giving the female form an informal touch, but still tasteful and elegant.

Although a variety of different prints feature in this new collection too, squares and animal prints are here to stay, sharing the spotlight with this season’s key accessory, the borsalino-style hat.

Just some of our great range of Pepe at Love Clothing...

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 Pepe Jeans London Tooting Denim Jean Dark Indigo