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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Abandon Ship.....

Abandon Ship Apparel

A East Glasgow based brand formed in the first half of 2011 this brand has quickly got a name for itself thanks to clean, eye catching designs and a carefree lifestyle brand image. Currently selling online and available in numerous stores across the country, this brand has gone from strength to strength in the short period of time since its conception. With bigger things to come this is very much a brand on the rise. Abandon Ship Apparel started with just 3 designs and put out the images of the t-shirts and the brand name across social networks, especially Facebook and Tumblr and used them to guide in the customers.

Their designs were a bit different from what a lot of brands at that level were doing, they were very clean and low on branding, meaning that people from numerous backgrounds could pick them up without buying too much into anything. They launched after about a week of “building hype” and watched the sales trickle in.

They sold out after a couple of weeks and by then had already ordered a bigger replenishment of stock using the money they had made and from then on they just put the money they made back into the company over and over and watched it grow. Design-wise they just kept adding to their catalogue, chopping and changing the t-shirts they sold depending on popularity and season. They also spent a great deal of time getting the shape and detailing of the t-shirt right, right down to the printing processes they useTheir rise to greatness is not surprising when you look at what they’ve got on offer, with clean cut designs that definitely catch the eye this is a brand that knows where it want’s to go.

With their combination of nautical and tattoo inspired prints, they are showing us all exactly what's been missing from the t-shirt world. Abandon Ship really are excellent and with massive plans for 2012, they could soon go from big to massive in a very short space of time. The brand will be appearing at some of the biggest music festivals this year and will be releasing a slew of new products. The brand is inspired by many things. Iconic imagery, pop culture and generally just things they think are cool.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life's a Beach….

Life's a Beach….

Whether you're braving the British beaches or heading abroad for a long, hot summer, you'll want to look good on the sand. Thankfully, it doesn't matter whether you're looking fit and fabulous or have yet to achieve the perfect beach body because this year's big trends have something for everyone. There's nothing dull about this year's hot beach trends. Bold colours, bold prints and striking satin are the order the season so be bright and beautiful this summer

Prints too are big and bold, whether floral, geometric, tribal or the ever-popular animal print. If you're not a fan of printed materials, think bright, near-on neon colours, either single or blocked. For a truly eye-catching look, a satin bikini is a must and even sequins are likely to make an appearance in the high street as they have on the catwalk.

If you prefer to keep thing low-key, monotone is the way forward. Elegant black or white retro styles or those with interesting details will undoubtedly prove a hit. Less is more when it comes to baring too much skin with swimwear, so leave a little to the imagination and invest in a beach cover-up. Get a  two-in-one garment, a cover-up for day and bandeau dress for cocktails at night. Just add a touch of sparkle with jewellery and a pair of metallic sandals and away you go

This season's swim shorts for men are all about Hawaiian prints and flashy colours. Forget your usual navy, black or beige pair -- trunks are a great way to display your flair for colour and patterns you wouldn't normally dare go out in. In addition to flash and floral, cargo pockets are a popular addition to many trunks, as you might have noticed in this year's fashion collections. 

The greatest thing about many of the swim shorts out there today is that they can double up as regular shorts, and look great with any sleeveless T or short-sleeve shirt. For men, whether you're lucky enough to live in a city by the sea, or are visiting a hot climate, you need the threads that'll make you look hotter than the sizzling sun.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tips to Prevent Hair Damage....

Tips to Prevent Hair Damage....

It is unbelievable how much the health of the hair influences the hairstyles look. Healthy hair is the only solution to gorgeous and stylish hairstyles, and unfortunately due to the various styling products and utensils available for hairstyling more and more women end up damaging their gorgeous tresses. Improper use of styling utensils and products can damage the hair, and repairing the damage done can be a difficult job.

The best thing to do when dealing with damaged hair is to prevent damaging the hair further. Learning how to properly use styling utensils and products is a must if one wishes to maintain the hair in a healthy state for as long as possible. Too much hair damage can lead to hair loss and this is something everyone should try to avoid as your hair is very important in physical appearance as well as self esteem. 
To help you maintain your gorgeous tresses in a healthy state and prevent hair damage you need to.

Develop a healthy lifestyle and follow a healthy diet. As weird as this might sound how you eat and how you live your life can affect your hairs health. The hair needs essential vitamins in order to maintain it's healthy state and growing rate and not eating right will affect the vitamin contribution necessary. Stress, pollution and other factors can influence the health of your hair and might even lead to hair lossLearn how to properly wash your hair and what products to use for your hair type. Most shampoos are meant to deal with specific hair types and hair problems so knowing what type of hair you have is necessary since one product might destined for one hair type might not work for others and cause hair damage. Brush your hair gently and starting from the ends towards the scalp. 

The way you brush your hair can cause damage if you use harsh movements. The hairs can be broken even pulled out and this is exactly what you want to avoidUse heat protection sprays whenever you are using heated styling utensils as they are meant to protect your hair from the damaging heat. Some styling utensils can heat up to 400ยบ F so the damage that can be done is immenseUse deep conditioners every one or two weeks to make sure your hair maintains it's moisture. Styling utensils and products can strip the moisture away from the hair leaving it dry.

Trim your hair regularly because this way your hair will be able to maintain healthy. The split ends that can travel up the hairs shaft and cause hair damage is this way periodically removed and the hair can grow healthy. Take care of your hair and prevent it from damage as your hair will ensure you look beautiful until old age. Protect your hair and you will look and feel fabulous every time.