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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Preppy Look

The Preppy Fashion 2011/12
Preppy fashion style is a clean and neat style that follows the rules of classic matching. The general preppy look is a natural one, without too much makeup, high heels or miniskirts. Most important accessories with this style are: gloves, scarves, cardigans, hair accessories and last but not least, the casual sweater, wrapped around the shoulders.
Love it or hate It., it’s an emerging spring summer 2012 trend. Combined with the all American look, this is casual and just perfect for hanging around. The uniform of polo shirts and chino’s for men and pleated skirts and jeans for girls can seem ubiquitous these days. The streetwise Brit took Ivy League-issued V-neck sweaters and khaki shorts, leather jackets, and stiletto loafers.
If you're one for simple subtleties. A mix of basic solids, plaids, and stripes will give the preppy look a clean and neat classic fashion style. This style become popular in 1950 and then become famous for the people who want to look charming and descent but not snobbery. Preppy fashion style is has some basic principles like neatness, classics and elegance, with deviating from these rules.
A preppy style does not accept any deviation from its most important rules; neatness, class and elegance. For men looking the part means adopting a few staple pieces that help define what it truly means to be preppy. Mixing preppy styles with sports-geared pieces as he does so well, designer Michael Bastian took to a variety of occasions to set autumn/winter men apart.
From evening-inspired wear and a casual ensemble prepped for the slopes, to day to day life. Skinny jeans, rolled up with sneakers, checked shirts and plain tees. So, forget about your casual clothing and replace them by classic, elegant and clean- cut ones. Preppy clothes are made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and cashmere and the colours used are mostly pastels.

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