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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dunlop Shoes: An Icon Classic


In 1886 John Boyd Dunlop invented and patented the first commercially viable pneumatic tyre. The technology behind the tyre was the discovery of how to bond canvas to rubber and it was this which enabled the world famous Dunlop Green Flash Trainers.
Dunlop's Shoe Factory, Walton, c 1930s
For over 50 years Dunlop Green Flash was the standard Tennis Shoe, and then in the 60s and 70s it began to cross over into casual fashion, to become the retro icon the Dunlop Green Flash it is today, steeped in history. In the 1930’s the green Flash was born and worn by the great Fred Perry as he took 3 consecutive Wimbledon titles.

Over the next 70 years this classic and original English canvas leisure shoe has continued to sell and is now a British icon classic shoe from Dunlop. In worlds of fashion and sport, few styles bear the test of time.

Canvas up with padded tongue and cushioned back for comfort and grip. Reinforced toe and side air holes, flexible rubber sole.

New in! Our selection of Dunlop Shoes from Love Clothing.....

Dunlop Green Flash 1987 Panel Canvas Rubber White Navy

Dunlop Green Flash 1987 Canvas Rubber White Green

Dunlop Green Flash 1555 Canvas Rubber White Green

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