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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Channel your inner rock style with Sinstar Clothing...

SinStar 2012

The notorious duo Ryan Stripe and Sam Bell from Sin star clothing continue their assault on the fashion industry with their latest creations for S/S 12. Showing no signs of slowing down ‘The Escape Collection’ sees the brand progress into their second season. In little under two years the former band members have grown a simple idea; formed in the back of a tour van to now one of the bestselling brands nationwide.

Sin Star is a brand that draws heavily from punk rock and since founders Ryan Stripe and Sam Bell are actually in a punk band, the designs feel a little more honest compared to what larger franchises put out when they look to capitalize on an alternative culture.

Styles range from bold graphic tees with imagery of skull and crossbones to studded leather jackets as a nod to Stripe and Bell’s rock n’ roll lifestyle. There are the more subtle designs where the use of words, striped patterns and monochromatic colours are more than enough for those who prefer to match and layer their outfits with what they got in the closet.

Throwing all rule books out the window, the self-taught boys have succeeded with no formal training in business, design or fashion. This season see’s the brand expand offering a wider more diverse collection with snap-backs, knitwear and chinos, as well as experimenting with new fabrications of denim and leather.

As always the collection takes inspiration from what the boy’s love, these being punk, rock, skate and metal. This collection has it all. The vibrant acid wash jeans and bold neon graphic prints contrast against a muted colour palette of grey marl and black distressed jerseys, a design concept intended to reflect the contrast of the night before the morning after.

The brilliant graphic T-Shirts are probably as on-trend as it gets at this moment in time and their popularity underlines that, as emails come flooding into to our inbox about the adorned Tees. Ever since they turned their attention from music to the Sin Star Clothing collection they have experienced a massive success.

It is without doubt one of the most popular up and coming labels around.Clearly, from Spring/Summer 2012 Sinstar is trying to extend their design philosophy with more exciting pieces and functions, from the selection of street wear baseball caps with nice logo design and the colour selection, the classic graphical t-shirt and vest with iconic prints and meanings, to more laid-back relaxing blue stripes t-shirt and many, many more.

This Spring/Summer 2012 is getting more and more versatile in a very consistent method, Sinstar could be one of best demonstrations for your daily rock ‘n’ roll wear with an attitude.

SinStar coming to Love Clothing Soon....

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