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Thursday, March 1, 2012

FLY London is More than a Brand, It's an Attitude!

Fly London Shoes:
Fly London is a brand that originates in the funky backstreets of London They exhibit much of that cool, urban, sophistication for which England's capital city is known throughout the world. There are so many different styles of shoes within the Fly London collection that we are sure that even the fussiest of dressers will find something they like.

The eclectic design was kicked off by a British guy called Perry King who later went on to work with Harlot Shoes. Perry was a talented designer who hooked up with the factory and the then head of Base London Shoes. Hence the connection between the two companies in the very early days and the common suffix 'London'. Fly Shoes augmented this initial capsule collection with a small range of formal shoes and boots each time taking great care NOT to follow and form of standard development and not adapting lasts and design tricks that were already present in the market.
Retaining their truly unique flavour the shoes were mildly whacky and in some cases took a couple of seasons to catch on, but when they did they sold like a train as customers realised that each collection was way ahead of itself. FlyShoes will always be one step ahead of the pack, so if you want shoes that people will remark on and will look super cool, not just today but for a couple of seasons, step out in a pair of Fly London!

For women, when it comes to finding fashionable shoes that feel great too, there is not much choice. However, one brand manages to cater to those people who love to look great, but who still want to bask in their creature comforts. That brand? Fly London. This brand places an emphasis on fashion, and is best expressed in their motto, 'Why Walk When You Can Fly'. There are several connotations within this expression. Firstly, they are saying that these shoes are so fashionable, that wearers will simply fly above the crowd: they will stand out. Secondly, they are saying that the shoes are so comfortable, they feel less like walking and more like flying.

Whether you are searching for those 'perfect' evening shoes, or those 'try not to upstage the bride but still look great' wedding shoes, or those 'carefree funky' casual shoes, or the 'showing-off my wage packet' office shoes, you will certainly find a style that suits. In fact, you will probably find a suitable style for any type of shoe In our opinion, Fly London is the best brand of footwear in the world. They are so comfortable, extremely appealing and they will certainly turn heads on the high street - or at least make people nod, as they look to your feet, to your face, and back to your feet.
Some of our great selection of Fly London Shoes at Love Clothing.....
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