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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tick Tock: O Clock Watches...

O Clock Watches:

O Clock  are the exciting Italian designed watches that are taking Europe by storm. Designed and made in Italy, the O Clock Watches are a simple yet vibrant collection of watches aimed at young and dynamic people. The watch is aimed at anybody the enjoys simplicity and aesthetic design.

The intelligent design of these watches will appeal to those who like simplicity and quality, aesthetically pleasing style. What’s more, their lightweight silicone construction comes in a range of bold, statement making colours while being lightweight The straps have no connectors or clasps. They are silicon based watches with a bracelet like strap. The top of the strap has a casing for the watch - which fits in the case/strap as an insert.

Hypoallergenic and water resistant, with glow in the dark hands. The O Clock Watches have a Citizen mechanism and are guaranteed for 2 years. The face is 3.5cm in diameter and straps are available in a variety of colours.

These versatile timepieces are also water-resistant meaning that they are ideal for the beach, the club and the long recovery shower the next morning! In addition, if you don’t like the colours, visit the O Clock section of our website to be able to create your own colour combinations by buying the strap and face separately.

There are ton of different colours available to buy, so everyone will be happy! We  have to admit they look cool - are there days when you could pull this off? And a great gift item for young people. Certainly designer, certainly fashion-ey, certainly the opposite of most of what you have in your collection. But actually quite fun.

O Clock watches now at Love Clothges...

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