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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who Loves the Sun: It's an Indian Summer

Indian Summer Fashion 2012/2013

Are we still in an Indian Summer? Like a hot summer romance, summer fashion trends also end, but no so the Indian Summer trend, it's holding on just like our rays of sunshine that brighten up the nearing of winter. So  with the surprise ‘Indian summer’ in London, the Spring 2013 shows last week felt all the more exciting. In fact, the general spirit was Indian too, as Sub-Continent influences permeated many a catwalk this season, owning a distinctly more pop-than-ethnic genre. 

The London designers also paid  tribute to Indian textiles and luxury handicrafts like embroidery or beading. Shimmering silk taffetas with metallic effects in vibrant saffron colours from Burberry Prorsum and Mary Katrantzou contrasted the light transparent muslins and flower printed lace in delicate pastels.  And although not all collections were  ireperceptibly Indian-influenced, most brands embraced the richly decorative style, which was first seen in London several seasons ago. 

Anything goes with Indian summer fashion trends and it’s about having fun with lots of layering and use of your entire closet. So when  last of the summer to autumn transition  starts  that's when the  the weather can be unpredictable. So in come the skinny jeans and leggings worn r with tank top and sandals and going into a chillier day but when the sun shines   throw on a scarf instead of a blazer. Show some skin. Don’t hide everything. Skinny jeans are a good time to show off those summer sculpted arms. Shorts can be layered in all kinds of different ways. They look great with boots, ankle booties, leggings, tights, knee high socks, sweatshirts, sweaters, tee shirts, blazers. The trend has been pairing  a lot of autumn 2012 looks with knee high stockings, which is quite a sexy look. Keep wearing those shorts with tights or leggings is good when the weather starts to chill.

For an Indian summer fashion twist rack up the colour, pair it with neutrals.Cobalt blue, red, and orange are hot. Crochet knitted hats, fedoras, and headbands. Scarves. Bangles, beaded bracelets, and watches. Everything’s  in layering. There’s not much of a difference here than with summer layering. and get into the realIndian summer cash with boots. Cowboys boots, fringe suede boots, and ankle booties. Knee-high boots can work, too. Anything goes, as long as you layer it right. Show some skin. Don’t hide everything for example,  shorts with boots, great. Boots with leggings, too wintery.

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