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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BIG is Beautiful - Oversized Fashion

The Oversized Trend 2012
Good news from fashion's frontline. BIG is beautiful this autumn/winter, with cocoon coats, pillow-sleeved jackets, billowing trousers and softly structured skirts enveloping the collections. Girls have been stealing their boyfriend's clothes for slouchy Sundays forever, now you can extend that to going out in public.

And if you're single fear not, since this look works better with tweeds and heavy fabrics, dads and granddads are an even better target.  Big and Oversize are going to be cool this season! From Chanel's giant beach bag to Marc Jacobs's enormous fur hats to Commes des Garçons' "flat" dress, designers are big on going BIG. Do giant sweaters keep you extra warm? For Balenciaga’s Fall 2012 collection,  oversized crewnecks with a padded lame appliqué down the runway—in pink and black, and blue and pink. The exaggerated drop shoulders and wide sleeves further enhanced the supersizing. 

verything from cocoon coats to billowing trousers will be filling your wardrobe soon and all you will need is a couple of advice on how to make those look stylish. Jackets, Sweaters, Cardigans and Tops – The variety is even larger here. Puffy rounded sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, huge eccentric collars – are just a few elements you will have to choose from if you decide to buy an oversized top, jacket or a cardigan. Outerwear comes in oversized shapes and cool textures matched with leather sleeves.

Outerwear comes in oversized shapes and cool textures matched with leather sleeves. The clothing gets a perfect finish with pointy boots of leather or suede and clutch purses as accessories.

How to wear oversize fashion
Pair your oversize item with something skinny or tight-fitting to create a contrast. Stay away from accessories to make the focus on an oversize item. The bigger the better. Use your oversize item one size up. But if you feel you’ve gone too far, use a belt to make sure your figure isn’t swamped

Our oversized look at Love Clothing….

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  1. I love it!! especially the pink cardigan <3