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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Acces Jewellery

Just Acces Jewellery

 Just Acces mirrors the brands clean, minimalist aesthetic with an urban undertone The jewellery line to Danish brand Just Female, Ju Coming in with chunky pieces to adorn your self and make a statement.

The design behind Just Acces is the combination of clean lines and raw details that together create a very unique and edgy designs. Chunky rings, statement pendant necklaces and stacks of engraved cuffs come in distressed metals and cut-out designs with signature Scandinavian cool. With an eye for raw detailing, clean lines and textured finishes,  the  Denmark brand, Just Acces is your ultimate go to for minimalist style with cult status. 

A little rock and very urban – take your wardrobe to the street and embrace some fierce femininity! Just Acces was established in Copenhagen Denmark, December 2006 by the designer Penille Andersen and owners Preben Laust and Steen Holtermann

Just some of our ranges of Just Access at Love Clothing...

 Just Acces Simons Ring 3 Set Silver Ox  

Just Acces Sienna Bodychain Gun Metal  

ust Acces Canva Bodychain Brushed Gold 


  1. As a lady i very wat to be the possession about he jewellry. i have some Womens Leopard Embossed Leather Coat and Womens Designer Fox Fur Coat witch i got from they all made of real fur..

  2. They look so pretty, those jewellery suites to them.