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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love Vintage....

Reclaimed Vintage - Effortlessly Cool

Reclaimed Vintage, an impeccably edited collection of reworked and authentic women's vintage clothing is  customising  clothes into effortlessly cool and  edgy  outfits. The term 'refashion' is being used all the more often lately,  and refashioning has been going on for many years, think of the recent rise in refashioning as a way of rebelling against fast fashion coupled with our need to look more unique and individual to our own style rather than succumbing to fashion trends, and becoming a high street clone. 

Second hand and vintage clothes have been hugely popular for a while but refashioning offers the opportunity to create a piece of clothing that preserves the best features but also creates something fresh and fashionable. Refashioning need not be as advanced as creating a new dress from an existing garment. Our society has become more environmentally aware, yet we still like to have new clothes. Refashioning therefore removes the guilt of buying new clothing which can often be made with cheap materials, and produced in less than ideal working environments. What’s old can be made new again, a second or third go-round with an often modern twist and re-work all kinds of denims from shorts to jackets and shirts, fringing, fraying, dying and studding them to create entirely new garments. 

This custom Levi shorts are exclusive to Love Clothing and only available on our web-site. They are hand-made by our design team in the UK. These high waisted Levi denim shorts are handmade for a unique and individual feel.  This pair comes in a hand rendered galaxy print design in a range of purples, reds, blues and white.On the reverse they have a pyramid and triangle shaped stud design on both back pockets. They also have a button down fly and a frayed, raw edge on the leg. These shorts are a fitted hot pant style and are made from recycled Levi 501 denim jeans.  Every pair made will vary depending upon the age of the denim and the cut of the fabric. 

Love Exclusive Vintage Renewal Camo Jacket With Contrasting Levi Denim Sleeves New 

Love Exclusive Vintage Renewal Military Shirt With Mesh Back Panel & Studding New  

Celebrities wearing the camo vintage and shorts look...

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