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Friday, December 9, 2011

Get Made up for Spring/Summer 2012

Makeup for 2012
Makeup artists played with a mix of old and new for spring 2012. Futuristic glittery eye accents, timeless natural tones and indelible smoky shadows and liners done in fresh ways.

Makeup took on an elegant, romantic so expect to see flirty lavender lids, light blue and silver shadows under well-defined, thick brows, with eyes that look natural, and soft flushed cheeks in pinkish hues, and pink gloss on the lips.
Lipstick’s most iconic colour was reinvented this season, proving that there are endless ways to wear a dramatic red, it’s a great time to go for rouge for Spring/Summer 2012, the fresh face look introduced in the autumn will return and the soft rose colour blends in beautifully on all skin tones, especially when paired with a similarly toned blush as a natural look currently holds the main trends.
Reflective washes of white silver sparked up the eyes and brow bones and a rich touch of shimmery metallic gold and soft pastel yellows were swept across the lids making the eyes the focus with neutral skin and lips on the. Eyes will be lined with pastel shades of green, lavender, silver and soft baby blues as seen on the autumn runways, just a soft dusting of eye shadow, very little, if any, mascara, softer eyebrows, rosy, flushed cheeks and pink gloss was used for a natural, no-makeup look.
The sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers are perfect for rising temperatures. With eyeliner the familiar flick of liner returned to the outer corners of eyes but this time fashioned with inventive, even playful, variations. The nude face wasn’t entirely nude — vivid bursts of colour created a pretty, painterly effect that opened up the eyes and added warmth to the skin.
While some looks are merely meant to be admired others are equally creative and wearable. Designers went into the dollhouse this season. Whether curled or feathery, the precise lashes imitated the fixed fringe seen on painted, blinking eyelids.
                                              Celebrities and their makeup look

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