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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Girls Who Are Boys, Who like Girls, To be Boys….

Androgyny is the way forward…2012

Androgyny is in. The time is right for the androgynous look. The androgynous look has been keeping ultra-feminine fashion in check on the catwalk, seeing a trend towards nipped tailoring and bold, brash statement dressing - changing the way we dress for the office forever and this year’s androgynous style is will still be a popular style for 2012, for this season girls dress like boys and men dress like girls.

We all have male and female qualities, why not be able to show both?  What is Androgynous? A 'look' of a female resembling a maleFollowing the season's popouloar anddrogynous styling, the Resort 2011/12 collection features many looks with a boyish charm.
Simplistic blazers, baggy pants and the model's short blond 'do are only some of the features that make the collections appealing to both genders.  Resort collection? Androgynous silhouettes, state of the art fabrics, and a palette better suited for fall with primarily: black, charcoal, burned orange, indigo and scarlet red colours. Taking the timing and supposed use of the collection out of the picture. Females no longer feel the need to hold on to that instant sex appeal.

Top designers Vera Wang and Yves Saint Laurent’s collections have presented a lack of gender and controversial designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has on several occasions released adverts featuring models in gender-bending roles; such as males in super-skinny jeans and females in baggy ‘boyfriend’ denims.

The ultimate in feminine chic. Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn can be crowned the queen of androgynous fashion - one dungaree ahead of the game and a brogue too many. They shows however that the masculine look is not unattractive but chic. The swag is in the mystery. Though the fact that ladies no longer feel the need to flaunt their assets so obviously is a fact to celebrate. Quote of the week? Androgyny is the way forward.

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