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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: For all Ages….

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes 2012
After ten years in the industry, the Jeffrey Campbell quality remains the same! With its headquarters based in sunny LA the intimate family team is dedicated to bring you the best styles season after season and at competitive prices. 2000 saw Jeffery Campbell working hard in his garage to produce a brand we now have come to know and love. 

With his small team, Jeffery Campbell continues to woo fashionistas near and far, reworking vintage concepts, traditional runway looks and continuously thinking out the box which may be why his ballet flats and boots remains amongst his client’s favourites. 

 Maybe the reason why Jeffery Campbell has seen so much success in such little time is because he reaches a wide demographic, catering for all ages, clients and shoppers - all of course while maintaining fashionable, trendy and most importantly comfortable and good value for money.

 For those who avidly follow fashion and seasonal trends, there is an extreme emphasis on colour for S/S 2012, whether it is pastels or neon brights. However, despite the fact that colour is sweeping the fashion nation, this seems to have overshadowed yet another significant trend that is slowly beginning its domination of the blogosphere and fashion scene as well. 

At J.C  they have also been playing on these ideas as well Tan, beige and light brown tones have been predominantly in their favour and J.C has taken the “nude” trend to the extreme with many of their styles, but more so the “Stinger” and “Suspect” platforms. The detailing on the ankles and front of the foot of both shoes are clear, thus showing the skin which shows a different and more literal twist to the trend.

Celebs who love Jeffery Campbell.... 

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