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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humor Shorts : A must have for Summer

Humor Shorts:

Take a look at our latest range of men's Humor shorts. You are sure to find a pair of shorts to suit you from designer clothing label Humor.

Humor Jeans, Humor Clothing, Humor Chinos, Humor Shorts, Humor Everything! Humor the exciting Danish brand with a unique, colourful style. Humor's popularity is growing year by year as more people are seduced by their quirky charms.

With sampling, silhouette and a confident, international style that's the very essence of Humor. But the young Danish brand can't be so easily labelled. They take their inspiration from local and international electronic music and from the constantly changing streets, people and the clothes they wear. The result is a unique and individual interpretation which seemlessly translates musical elements to clothing styles.

Taking the unique and unusual cuts and silhouettes from the Humor denim range that have proved to be so popular, Humor shorts carry on the tradition of pushing boundaries and creating new styles.

                                  We have a great selection of Humor shorts at Love

Humor Jim Shorts Dark Orange Red

Humor Lago Shorts Blue Purple

Humor Lago Shorts Sandie Brown
Humor grey dropcrotch shorts

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  1. That blue humor lago short is perfect for their white humor doi t-shirt.

    Christina @ Danillo Women's Silver black 3-button Pant Suit