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Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's The Animal In You..

The Animal Print Trend 2012

You may want to rekindle your love affair with the animal print trend 2012, because some designers still continue to use leopard print, but have at least taken it bait further and added a variety of colours with print becoming smaller and more delicate. It's appealing  style carries on year after year, and it is still used in all seasons collections.

Strong  animal prints play well off bold striking accessories and the most popular pieces for the summer are snake skin, leopard and zebra. To pull off these graphic and visually interesting pieces choose bold plain jewellery, handbags and shoes that don’t drag down and be a suffer from the competition of what you’re wearing.  

Believe it or not the key to wearing clothes with animal print lies in our personalities. If you tend to dress simple without attracting attention, opt for subtle pieces that have animal print like a handbag, flats, animal print bangles, etc.
Stick to earthy, neutral hues - white, black, various shades of brown and khaki, beige as well as camel are perfect colours to match any animal print.

Animal prints on clothes are daring enough so keep it simple, it is sexy enough don't pair them with red or pink shoes. Multi-coloured shoes and animal prints don't match unless you want to create a punk outfit. 
This’s season has witnessed a lot of fantastic animal print clothes on the runway. The animal prints are speaking loud and proud on various runway stages. In its application in the dress, the leopard print dress expresses a kind of ultra-glam air to all sophisticated women.
As the fashion trend setters, the celebrities have already practiced the wearing of animal print clothes. And they prove to be fashionable. Fergie looked much more youthful in a big-prints dress. Wearing a traditional animal print dress with a refreshing colour.

Here are some of our Animal trend at Love Clothing

Women's Black & Leopard Print Roller Platforms

Women's Leopard Print Open June Heels

Women's Leopard Fiore 2/4 Animal Dress By Vero Moda

Celebrities rocking the animal print trend....

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