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Friday, June 1, 2012

Country Casual: A Relaxed Look....

Country Casual 2012

With the amazingly coloured Spring/Summer 2012 campaigns, efforts in delivering a mix of nostalgic vintage tones and sun bleached modern urban men’s look for their young and upbeating target audience. , By absorbing the merit of the high end and ready to wear fashion crafting in sourcing high quality fabrics and distinguishing interesting themed designs, the same time providing a great adequate consistent ranges for end consumers to experience the uplifting and quality lifestyle.

Relaxed fit for men is, of course, nothing new. Loose layering, drop crotches and baggy jeans have been with us for some time now. But a line has to be drawn in the sand. The relaxed cuts of past years are distinctly different from the relaxed tailoring we’re about the encounter. One could rightly argue that this new men’s trends evolves from the old, but they are certainly not one in the same.

Transitional, mix and match, and effortless in a competitive relaxed structure could conclude the whole Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection, especially the sun-bleached colour theme has created the outgoing and socialising experience for consumers who are looking for the similar understanding in choosing appeals to wear to fit their own personality. The slightly faded colour in each garment perfectly fit the Spring/Summer theme in the whole to enrich the experience of being Reiss in making iconic chic and design led modern looks, combined with the relaxed structured in lifting the conventional tailoring to fit the modern days to fit young male and young professional target audiences. 

Men’s fashion simply doesn’t move so fast that one can peg these forthcoming emergence of relaxed tailoring to a sole season, nor even a year, and while we already know we’ll see it amongst spring 2012′s fashions it’s highly likely that we’ll also see this interpretation of men’s fashion feature amongst throughout all of  2012.2

If relaxed and oversized shoulders are the hallmark of the emerging relaxed tailoring trend, then loose cut trousers / pants follow a close second. At the outset they may feel like an easy way to interpret the trend, but don’t be deceived: they’re the element that is easiest to get wrong.

For this part of the look what you’re looking for are those relaxed, oversized and generally loose interpretations of men’s trousers which are tailored. After all, this trend may lack formality but it certainly isn’t so casual that it is streetwear. Tailoring is key to the whole look.

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