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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FOUNT: A Contemporary Label

Fount 2012

1. a source of a desirable quality or commodity
2. source or origin
3. literacy a spring or fountain

Every aspect and product in our life has its own source and origin. Each element serves its own purpose, and is unique to an individual. Appreciated with a different sentimental value and memory.
Fount is a contemporary womenswear label, adopting a sleek, modern approach to design.
Delicately designed pieces composed of elements drawn from various sources; they pay close attention to the fine details, perfecting the building blocks of our everyday commodity.

Garments which can be expressed with a sense of chic elegance and purity, whilst maintaining a balance of timelessness and modernism, constructing "effortless looks" eclectic to you.
Fount collections are principally inspired by interior designs, lifestyle shapes and forms. Assigned with pragmatic
pricing, we aim to deliver high-end trends to the mainstream public.

Fount clothing  at Love Clothing...

Fount Gathered Panel Jersey Top Navy New 

Fount Cybill Dress With Pleated Panels Navy New  

Fount Pleated Front Paige Dress Navy New 

Fount Soft Crepe Safari Jacket With Gold Metal Belt Beige New  

Fount Bead Collar Shirt Black New  

Fount Animal Print Sleeveless Dress Black 

Fount Asymmetric Summer Dress With Prints Blue New  

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