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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Great Escape: Sinstar....

Sinstar 2012

A rock and roll lifestyle cannot live without a proper well-designed t-shirt with a deeper meaning to express your rock and roll attitude, Sinstar, a group of talents who absorb every possible element of rock and roll culture, including music, symbols, colours, and the methods of expressing these elements in a whole by using clothing designs as their weapon to rebel from what we call fashion trends, in order to embrace and spread the greater attitude of rock and roll worldwide. 

UK fashion label Sinstar has a new SS 2012 Collection out called ‘The Escape’ featuring several punk-inspired styles. As expected, they’ve brought their usual array of bold neon tees, but they’ve added in a few extra looks as well. Acid-washed jeans contribute to the rock n’ roll look, and they’ve brought snapbacks, leather jackets and knitwear chinos as well. 

Sinstar has done an amazing job in their Autumn/Winter collection with their signature bold oversized letters, colour contrast and the iconic graphical prints, the skeleton war army solider range and the peaceful yellow floral fields, and so on. With a brand like Sinstar, their entire range of clothes are designed to give you a unique look with a range of t-shirts, vests, dresses and jersey’s that all rock an awesome punk styled graphic. 

Sinstar’s graphic design can be difficult to find else where, their eye-catching and provocative clothing brand are taking huge strides forward in delivering the most authentic punk/rock styled clothing on the market. So we ask ourselves what could have come next for the eye-catching and provocative clothing brand? Well, it comes in the form of their brand new ‘Snapback’ hats, that are the latest instalment in their hotly anticipated release of new products.

Sinstar coming to Love Clothing soon....

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