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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salute the Military Trend...

The Military Trend 2012

The military influence in fashion is so strong,  think of it as a "trend"--like nautical inspiration, it's something that never really fades away. But for spring 2012, designers have taken the classic military jacket to a whole new place, thanks to some smart styling trick. Nowadays military jacket seems to be one of the hottest fashion trends, a lot of clothing items in the fashion industry have witnessed changes as all have been given the military touch which is very much in vogue now. 

Women all over the world are trying to get their hands on army-style clothing in all sorts of shapes and forms. However among all these military style clothing, the military jacket for women seems to stand out as being the trendiest piece of clothing these days.Military jackets are actually meant to be worn during the A/W season, but women and men donning jackets influenced by the military wear can be spotted throughout the year. 

Not only just the common public, these jackets have been made popular by a lot of celebrities from the music industry too such as Kanye West, Chris Martin,  and the late Michael Jackson, etc.Soon after the New York Fashion Week showcased these types of jackets, they have become the ‘in’ thing  more people wanting to purchase these jackets. It is quite paradoxical that the military clothing was used as uniform in order to create a sense of uniformity and equality, but in the fashion sense, military clothing is supposed to give a sense of identity to a person. 
Wearing military jackets or other types of clothing item makes an individual unique and most of the time, it manages to catch the attention of the others too. Although military fashion was much prevalent among men, but this style has spread among the women as well.The exquisite military jacket can be described as robust, stylish and elegant. The reason why this jacket is so famous among women is that these jackets are made from materials which are very durable and comfortable. 

The Military look from Love Clothing....

Men's Long Wool Military Jacket with Gold Buttons

Men's Black Military Retro Wool Coat in the style of Liam Gallagher

Men's Black Military Gold Piping Jacket With Gold Buttons

with Gold Buttons

Women's Black Military Gold Piping Jacket With silver Buttons

Pop Woolen Pea Coat Black

Celebrities in Miltary.....

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