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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double Duty: Denim.....

Denim 2012

Mixing denim with denim is one of the new big fashion trends for 2012. Be a blue-jean baby in the hottest styles of the season, ideal for going out, wearing to work, or just staying in.

 Full-on denim looks were all over the runways for Spring 2012. It seems that in fashion designers chose diversity as the main characteristic of the collections as a variety of fabrics and designs were present on the runway fashion presentations. One of the fabrics that couldn’t have missed from the 2012 fashion shows or any other fashion presentations was denim.

A far cry from the era of  other fashion faux pas, today's denim-on-denim dressing is a paragon of casual chic. The trick is all in the mix. Combining pieces in different colours and washes — like a classic Western shirt paired with a darker jean skirt — makes for a perfect weekend spin. Denim that fits like a glove is all the rage. Neutral accessories give it classic appeal. For a more uptown look, pick a pair of ankle-length tailored jeans. Finish your ensemble with a smart jacket. Whether it’s 80s-lovin’ denim vests, flirty denim frocks or recycled denim shoes, the denim fashion trends associated with the material once meant for gold miners runs a wide range indeed!

If there is one fabric that never dies and has managed to cross-over from one genre to another, it would be denim. The fabric is seen prevalent all throughout the runways of 2012 in different forms.

Some of the designs made out of it were tasteful, while some are just downright crazy. Because of its malleability, denim has now become a corporate fashion trend for 2012 in terms of women’s power dressing. 

Denim fashion trends are always far and plenty, regardless of season. While the iconic American staple will always be a good pair of jeans, most designers aren’t content to leave it at that. No, they’ve taken it upon themselves to ensure that we wear denim in less-than-traditional ways and this collection of denim fashions proves just that.

The Denim look at  Love Clothing

Custom Levi Vintage High Waisted London Guard Denim Shorts  

 Custom Levi Vintage High Waisted Sunflower Denim Shorts  

Women's Denim Paris Jeans By Criminal Damage 

Celebrities in the denim look…

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