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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yay! One For the Girls....Sinstar

Sinstar: The Escape

Sinstar‘s gearing up for warmer weather with their SS 2012 Collection called ‘The Escape.’ The brand continues to display their punk rock influences by incorporating gritty, neutral palettes and distressed looks to give off a gnarly, but stylish vibe.These boys have come a long way since playing in a band (Rio) together. 

Unbelievably they have no business or design training, yet time after time their knocking our socks of with their simple but striking designs. Fitting right into the scene, their graphics and slogan tees are nothing short of impressive and the duo are certainly leaving their mark. It’s hard to believe the team have been working on the brand for less than two years.

Once again the boys are taking inspiration from the punk, rock, metal, and skating scenes – it’s what they know and love and it’s certainly working.

And good news for the girls – finally they get a women’s collection. And about bloody time! This new foray sees the welcome addition of female friendly clothing, because lets face it, there are only so many times your girlfriend can steal your clothes. It’s typical Sin Star through and through, but with a feminine touch, including a range of tops and the most amazing fringed tee/dress. And to make things even better, this new campaign is fronted by the ridiculously stunning Mimi Wade, the blue-haired bombshell herself. She’s coupled with model Ben Palmer to front this exciting new range.

SinStar clothing may have been the result of two tour-weary guys trying to make some money from the back of a van, but these days the company is a triumphant success and a standalone business venture. The simple idea entertained by so many has evolved into something else entirely and we cannot wait to see where these boys end up.

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