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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waterfall Hairstyles to Try

Waterfall Hairstyles to Try
So it's time you snap out from your old styling routine and try something a little different. So we were searching for some beautiful 'dos and stumbled upon these three lovely half up hairstyles that can make every girl look pretty using just a few smart tricks. Therefore, it's time you snap out from your old styling routine and try something a little different.

Braided half-up

 Start by backcombing your hair at the crown of the head. Take a small hair section from one side and braid it. Secure it with a clear elastic band. Leave a few pieces in front, around your face, for a boho finish! Next, take two sections, one of each side of the braid you have already made, and plait them in the direction your hair is going to be. Secure it! Then, pull back both sides of your hair and secure!

Now, it's time for the element of surprise! In fact, this is that special twist that makes all the difference! Take one lower hair section from the right side, behind your ear, and braid. Next, pull the braid on the opposite side across your head. Tuck the ends under the other braid and pin into place. Done! It is so adorable and it only takes a few minutes to pull off!

Half-up waterfall braid

Okay, so this is a really gorgeous 'do and even if it might sound rather difficult to achieve, trust us, the result is definitely worth it. An absolutely amazing, ethereal and versatile style that works great for both daytime and formal events! We totally love this look that spiced up our day!So, begin by making a side parting. 

Take one hair section from the left side of your head and part it into three pieces. The trick that gives that beautiful cascading effect is dropping the section of hair at the bottom as you braid your hair three times. Keep plaiting and once you get in the back use some bobby pins to secure. Next, do the same thing on the other side of your head and pin into place. Leave your hair a little looser and romantic!

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