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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chinos: A Classic Staple

Chinos Trend 2012
As the seasons start to change, so does a man's wardrobe needs. 2012 season is ready to be replaced with chinos, oxfords and sweaters. To anchor a man’s wardrobe, reintroduced its chinos, a classic staple, in new colours, fits, and styles. A wardrobe staple for decades, chinos are now in a straight leg and slim fit, as well as a variety of colours, so men have plenty of wardrobe options.
Gone are the days of big, baggy cargo chinos with large pockets. The new, sleek slim-fit cargo trousers will give men a tailored look without feeling or looking too tight. Whether worn with a polo or an oxford, nothing can beat the simple paired down look of some camel coloured chinos with a crisp well-fitting white shirt and boots. So as one of the biggest trends that crept up on us were slim trousers/chinos rolled slightly
The whole nautical theme was massive in men’s fashion but a lot of the fashion elite picked up on this sharper new look and really rocked it out by either throwing the socks out or using a really bold pair to add a splash of colour and flair to the bottom half.
In essence the chino’s and relaxed trousers are more comfortable but due to the more formal tailoring and cut, it means they just give your casual outfits an edge. You don't have to go automatically preppy with chinos, a leather jacket adds a bit of attitude without clashing styles and neutral chinos like these are a blank slate, so you have the freedom to add creativity.
A little wear and tear on the fabric's surface makes this pair more casual than traditional styles. You can rock them from Saturday morning to Saturday night.For women the chino trousers have become a trend in the Runway Show Spring/Summer.
By far the most significant reinvention this year though is the addition of chinos into the mix as the must have item this summer, especially in their cropped form. The chinos that look the best on the runway are tapered or skinny, creating a sleek, Audrey Hepburn-like silhouette.

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  2. Those chinos looks classic and fashionable especially the skinny chinos but i don't know if i can pull it off well, i am not a model and i think i need some tips what to wear with chinos.