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Monday, January 2, 2012

Skinny Jeans: Not for Everyone

The Skinny Jean Debate
Okay, so skinny jeans may not be a natural progression on the fear scale for everyone. But for many, the idea of wearing the tapered style of jean that's so skinny it had to be called, is a very real, very terror-inducing wardrobe situation!
The form-fitting fabric! The cuts, super-skinny or a slightly friendlier straight-leg cut.  The shades, the details to decide upon zippers or studs or both.  Few items of clothing will provoke such an utter internal debate!
Do you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans? No! Absolutely not. The name is quite unfortunate. When most women or men don’t even consider themselves to be skinny, why would they choose a jean labeled in such a way?  More stores have started carrying skinny jeans.
They’re affordable and easy to find. And, there are so many different ways to wear them; they’re quite a must-have for the season.  The types of Skinny Jeans:
Cigarette Jeans: So, what’s the difference between Skinny Jeans and Cigarette Jeans? Very little and it depends on who you ask. The biggest difference is leg opening: The leg opening on Skinny Jeans gets smaller as you near the ankle. The leg opening on Cigarette Jeans stays the same from the knee all the way down to the ankle. Cigarette Jeans tend to bunch up a little if they’re longer. Skinny Jeans do as well, but in an awkward way so you want to wear the right length.
Skinny Jeans: The ultimate definition of the Skinny Jean is three-fold: Form-fitting, Stretchy and Ankle-Hugging. Remember the slits and ankle zippers of the 80’s? Not only were those cute little details, they also helped create a more snug fit to the ankle while still allowing you to get your foot through the opening. So, in order of all over snugness, from most to least: Skinny Jeans, Cigarette Jeans, Straight-Leg Jeans. If you have larger thighs, Straight-Legs might be your best bet. If calves are your issue, you might try Cigarette Jeans.
What's the deal with skinny jeans for Men? Are skinny jeans for every guy? Hell, no It's understandable that when the average 30-something sees the word "skinny" in clothing, he's turned off. Maybe he thinks the look is too feminine, maybe he doesn't have the slight frame to pull them off, and some designers are now releasing a maximum waist size of 33 for men.
Whatever the reason, the big question is …are skinny jeans are a no-go for him. There are a whole range of cuts on the skinny jean spectrum – from the narrowest cut that reveals every curve and bulge, to a leaner version of straight leg jeans.
Ideally, the skinny should be worn so that it looks tapered, but they should never hug your body. Men with a slimmer physique can opt for more narrow cuts. However, there is still takeaway value in the skinny jeans for men movement. The definition of skinny. Other brands slap on the name "slim," yet they fit like a second skin. What gives? Wouldn't it be nice if all the jean manufacturers of the world agreed on a common fit language instead of pushing their jargon on us?
Clearly, there's a lot of potential for confusion for the male consumer here. However, it’s acknowledge that some guys can pull off the look Because the look is so trend-driven, it works on guys who are younger than that 30,  have skinny body types, and who live a lifestyle where this look makes sense.
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